Front-End Web Developer Chisinau

We’re looking for front end developers to join us in our office in central London, developing web tools and apps for huge audiences. Our clients include Google, YouTube, Skype, PayPal and other agencies such as BBH and Mother.

This role will see you leading the technical aspects of a project with our friendly, expert team. The workload will sometimes be hectic, but the atmosphere is cheerful and proactive. We want to put you in a position to write and deploy the best code that you can.

There are plenty of technical acronyms in here, but fundamentally we’re looking for intelligent people who have an eagerness to learn new things, and the communication skills to be able to explain them to humans such as project managers and our clients.

As well as the technical knowledge, we need people that get it – people who can figure things out by themselves but know when to yell for help. Cutting down and simplifying complex problems with interfaces which make them appear straightforward.

Skills & Requirements

You should probably know about…

  • Architecting and developing complex JavaScript-powered applications
  • Working closely with backend developers and UX designers
  • Javascript frameworks & libraries such as AngularJS or Backbone.js
  • Semantically marked up HTML
  • CSS, including LESS & SASS
  • git
  • Template engines such as Django, Jinja, or Smarty

We also like talking to people who enjoy…

  • Working in an agency environment
  • JavaScript unit testing tools
  • Development & consumption of HTTP APIs
  • Internationalisation
  • Google Apps & APIs
  • Use of PaaS, such as Google App Engine, Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, or Windows Azure
  • noSQL & SQL databases

In return you’ll get…

  • Free lunch, drinks and snacks
  • A fun and supportive, developer-focussed working environment