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About us who we are

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Services what we do with love

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After an in-depth consultation, we manage the entire process from start to finish: scouting for the perfect venue, directing you to the best vendors, drawing up timelines, creating and managing budgets, and most importantly, designing the look of your dream wedding.


After the planning stage is complete, we make your life stress-free by overseeing communication, bookings and meetings, and managing all the suppliers involved to ensure every detail is taken care of and that your big day is coming to reality exactly as you expect.


We will be there on your special day to ensure every detail is in place. We will communicate with your chosen suppliers a week in advance and provide on-site support. We will coordinate with each and every party working on your wedding, ensuring a smooth, flawless day.

Team talented folks

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The Dream Team
Muna Al Shamsi
Managing Director

Portfolio what we have done


Why us

We have the mindset to troubleshoot problems and take immediate action.


Why us

We understand our clients’ needs and speak the same language.

Why us

We have a dynamic team who can work at short notice and successfully cater for last-minute requirements.


Why us

By hiring us, you will reduce cost, save time, and gain access to trustworthy suppliers. Most importantly, you will enjoy the day.


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